100 years. One mission.

What began as a mortgage and loan company in Seattle in 1921 eventually grew into the full-service personal and business bank you know today. We’ve seen a lot through the years, yet, not the Great Depression, wars, recessions, nor a global pandemic, will keep us from being stewards of the community and doing what’s right for our customers.


Continental Mortgage and Loan is born.

Continental Mortgage and Loan Company was founded in Seattle in 1921 by a group of businessmen, including the company’s first President and CEO, Ralph W. Green. The company’s first employee was W. Walter Williams, who served as the Bank’s Secretary-Treasurer and would later become President.


FHA and Fannie Mae.

In 1938, the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) was created by Congress as part of the ‘New Deal,’ which later began accepting FHA and Fannie Mae mortgage loans from Continental, Inc. Today, our company has the longest continuous relationship of all FNMA seller-servicers still in existence.


Shopping in Seattle.

In 1948, Continental invested in an unprecedented development opportunity in North Seattle called “Suburban Center,” which ultimately became known as the Northgate Shopping Center—one of the nation’s first shopping malls.


Williams goes to Washington.

In 1953, W. Walter Williams took a leave of absence and headed to Washington, D.C. after he was appointed Under Secretary of Commerce in the Eisenhower administration. Irving Smith stepped in as President during his leave.


A fair to remember.

In 1962, W. Walter Williams and Irving Smith served on the board overseeing preparations for the Century 21 World’s Fair in Seattle and construction of the Space Needle.


Two times the President.

Walter B. Williams was elected President of the Mortgage Bankers Association of America in 1973, becoming the second President of Continental, Inc. to hold the position.


Meet Continental Savings Bank.

Continental, Inc. secured Federal approval and founded Continental Savings Bank in 1986 with the charter to provide a reliable, low-cost source of funding for its lending operations.


All in the family.

Continental Savings Bank was named Washington’s “Family Business of the Year” in 1996.


Introducing HomeStreet Bank.

On May 15, 2000, 79-year-old Continental, the largest private, independently owned bank in the Northwest, became HomeStreet Bank to preserve its image as a hometown lender.


Mark Mason takes HomeStreet public.

Mark Mason was appointed CEO in 2010. Under the leadership of Mason, the company completed an initial public offering in 2012—with stock listed on the NASDAQ under the symbol HMST.


HomeStreet Bank turns 100.

On August 18, 2021, HomeStreet Bank celebrates its 100th anniversary—a milestone reached by only .5% of companies in the United States.